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Business Proposal Writing Services In Kenya

A business proposal is a document used to persuade an organisation to buy a product. It convinces the target client that a proposed product will solve an identifiable need/problem. Therefore, piecing together a persuasive proposal determines the ability to sell a service or product

How Much Does A Business Proposal Cost?

The charges for writing a business proposal vary between consultants. However, nature and timelines determine the charges for a business proposal.  Some business proposals may involve explaining a technical product or service in detail, pushing the cost of writing a proposal high. Tight deadlines also increase proposal writing changes as the consultant is required to work under pressure to deliver a quality document. On average, a simple business proposal costs between  Ksh 6000 and Ksh 10,000. Complex and technical proposals   attract higher charges.

Business Proposal Writers Near You

At Blue Ocean Outsource LTD, we write award-winning business proposals that enable businesses to pitch their products effectively to potential buyers. We are based in View park towers, Utalii Lane, Nairobi.  We pride ourselves on a happy customer base thanks to our outstanding services.

How to write a business proposal

Sections/ Subtitles

Nine steps of writing a proposal

1.Cover letter

The cover page introduces the proposal to the audience clearly stating its purpose

2.Cover page

3.Executive summary

This section has a summary of the entire proposal. Each section is given emphasis to furnish the reader an idea of what the entire document contains. The executive summary should be clear and straight to the point to enable the reader to decide whether the document is worth reading.

4.Table of contents

This part shows the main chapters and their commencing pages.

5.Problem Statement

This section is among the most important parts of a business proposal as it shows the extent to which the seller understands the target client’s problem.  It is written after thorough research of the industry and the client’s processes to ensure the defined problem aligns with the internal and external business environment’s realities.

6.Proposed solution

A solution should be identified to solve the identified problem. Specific interventions need to be identified, showing how each initiative contributes to solving the problem.  For instance, if the problem identified is customer experience, solutions need to address elements that are directly related to customer experience.

7.Company qualifications

This section focuses on showing the company’s capability in helping the client to address the defined problem.  Information about the company’s track record, human resource fitness, and other resources should be provided to convince the client that the company is the best product vendor.


This section entails describing the key steps of implementing solutions and their time frames.


This part is concerned with making pricing decisions.  In the case of a highly competitive industry, competitors’ prices should be considered to ensure a competitive price is set. Setting a too high price can force clients to seek services from a cheaper seller.  On the other hand, the price should give the company a reasonable profit margin.

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