Our Commitment

Business writing and research services Nairobi


At Blue Ocean Outsource we are committed to helping our client to increase efficiency. Technology is a core ingredient in process improvement, and we guide our client on exploiting new technological capacities to improve the business process. Achieving leanness and economy in the use of resources is a critical business success factor.

Growth and Profitability

Our services position our clients on the path to growth and high profitability. We use our expertise in research to examine the clients’ processes and environment to provide direction on strategy formulation. Our feasibility study services help our clients to avert losses associated with exploiting unprofitable opportunities.


We understand the value of innovation in today’s businesses. Our innovative employees are conversant with dynamics in technology and how they impact businesses to ensure our clients align operations with the right technology to acquire sustainable competitiveness. We guide our clients in establishing an innovative culture in their workforce.


We study our client’s structures and systems to provide a perspective on promoting agility in responding to the environment. Today’s organisations are confronted by an unstable environment that requires quick decision makings. Flexibility leads to timely decisions that allow a business to grab opportunities and at the same time taking cover against threats a feature that creates a competitive advantage.

Customer Experience

We empower our clients to create an exceptional customer experience. Emphasis is put on market research to understand customer expectations and use it as a basis for advising the client on how to deliver superior customer service.

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