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Features of a Good Dissertation Topic

Unique–   the topic should stand out, which distinguishes it from the existing studies. A research seeks to address gaps in the existing studies. In other words, it improves the existing knowledge, thus requiring a topic that is different from the existing literature.

Moderate scope–  the title of a dissertation should neither be too narrow or too broad.  A narrow scope shows a lack of seriousness, while a broad scope is difficult to conclude and may make the dissertation too lengthy.

Researchable–  the researchability of a topic is determined by the ease of getting the information needed to answer the research questions. This information can be from primary or secondary data.

Relevance- the goal of a dissertation is to add valuable insight into the existing body of knowledge. Therefore, the additional knowledge created by the dissertation should be relevant to the discipline’s needs.

Clarity– the topic should clearly state what the research seeks to achieve.

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