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Company Profile Writing Services. Nairobi, Kenya.

Company Profile Writing Services

We offer business profile writing services .Our professionally designed company profiles help you tell a convincing brand story. With over  10 years of writing experience across industries, we provide unmatched services, making your brand stand out from competitors.

Business profile writing services

company profile writing services

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Why choose Us to Write Your Company Profile ?

Innovative writers:- Our team of creative writers create unique designs and write-ups.

Vast experience:- We have been writing customised profiles for over ten years, with our clients cutting across industries.

Best customer support:- Our support team is available 24 hours, working closely with clients for timely response to queries.

Cost friendliness:- Our service charge is pocket-friendly and gives the service user optimal value for money.

What is a company profile?

A company profile is an introductory document informing the reader about the company’s history, mission, core values, products, and services. It helps the audience understand the company in a nutshell by providing basic information. The profile aids in bringing crucial stakeholders on board by providing positive information about the organisation. A company profile varies in size as organisations differ regarding age, size, product portfolio, and geographic dispersion, among other factors.  A small new company may have a two-page profile, while a large company that has existed for many years may have large profiles. Accuracy, conciseness, and attractiveness should be emphasised when designing a company profile.  It is crucial to engage experts when preparing a company profile to ensure the end product serves the right communication purpose.

What to Include in a Company Profile?

Basic business information:- Including website, location, company name, email, and phone number. These details are best suited at the beginning of the profile.

Company information:- that includes vision, mission, slogan, core values and commitments, products and services, history including the founders, organisational structure, area of operation, client base, key policies, responsibility issues (ecological, health, and safety), industry, marketing, performance data (growth, profitability, asset base, market share among others)

Preparing a company profile requires a situational analysis to identify the relevant aspects that should be emphasised in the profile. For instance, a petroleum company’s profile might emphasise showcasing environmental policies and the company’s commitment to protecting the environment due to the ecological footprint associated with the oil and gas sector.  On the other hand, a retailer might focus on highlighting compensation policies to send a signal that the employees are not underpaid.

Benefits of a Company Profile

Recruitment– a good company profile markets an organisation as a good employer, thus attracting high-quality employees. The profile focuses on communicating the positive aspects of a company while leaving out any negative features. It proves to potential employees that the organisation provides the best working environment, especially when the profile highlights the commitment to promoting the employees’ welfare.

Marketing– a company profile gives information about products and services. It praises the firm’s product and shows testimonies from happy customers. Such information helps a business to endear its products to potential customers.

Collaboration:-  A business profile is a valuable collaboration tool as it helps key stakeholders such as financiers, investors, and strategic partners to understand the company. It, therefore, supports creating good relationships with these stakeholders.